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ViSalus is challenging YOU to make your health a priority for the next 90 days! Simply Set your goal, Select your Kit, and Share your Results when you Enter to Win! Not only are there over $25 MILLION in free product, prizes, and vacations awarded to best transformations, but you can even get paid to promote The Challenge to others!
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Should I start a 90 Day Challenge…? YES, here’s why!
You'll Save Money!
At less than $2 a meal, the Body by Vi Challenge helps you save money and get healthy at the same time. Think about all the money you spend on fast food and unhealthy meals that just get you OUT of shape... Don't you think it's time to make your health the priority it should be?
You can get your Challenge Kit for FREE!
That's right, just help 3 Customers purchase a Challenge Kit of equal or greater value to your own, and your kit can be free. Not only does "free" fit every budget, but it's always more fun (and proven to be more effective!) to lose weight and get in shape with friends!
You can Get Paid to Promote the Challenge!
How many people do you know right now that want to lose a little weight or get in shape? What about people who could use an extra few hundred or few thousand dollars each month? Why not share The Challenge with them and earn income weekly, monthly, or even qualify for a new BMW!
Brian LeQue
Body by Vi™ Male Champion 2012
"Now I live the lifestyle that I once admired from afar"
Angela "Angie" Mooij
Body by Vi™ Female Champion 2011
"With any diet that I’ve tried, I would plateau at week six. The Body by Vi™ Challenge got me to week seven, eight, nine and beyond!"
Danny Linares
Body by Vi™ Couple Champion 2011
"I like the Body by Vi™ Challenge because it gets people excited about living again..."
Susan Difabio
Body by Vi™ Female Champion 2012
"Now I know there is nothing I can’t do once I set my mind to it."
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